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Rex Ryan: 'I Believe We Are The Best Team In New York'

In his book ‘Play Like You Mean It’ New York Jets coach Rex Ryan took some swipes at the co-owners of MetLife Stadium, the New York Giants, going so far as to say “We are the better team. We are the big brother.”

Give Ryan credit. Love him or hate him, he is consistent. He never fails to back off his prediction that the Jets will win the Super Bowl. And Thursday he did not back down when asked about his comments toward the Giants.

“I guess we get to find out on Christmas Eve (when the teams meet in a regular-season game). We will get to find out. Again, I am not backing down from one comment. I believe we are the best team in New York and the goal is to be the best in the National Football League, not just in New York,” Ryan said. “I am not backing down one bit from that statement. I believe that will be the case.”