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Plaxico Burress Uncertain For Jets-Giants With Back Issue

All the hype surrounding Saturday’s preseason meeting between the New York Giants and New York Jets will revolve around Jets receiver Plaxico Burress playing against his former team for the first time. There is only one problem — Burress might not play.

News floated onto the Twitter-verse this morning that Burress injured his back trying to catch a pass during the Jets Tuesday practice and his status for Saturday appears to be uncertain.

Jets coach Rex Ryan seems to think Burress will play.

The Jets, however, are quickly finding out how life can be with Burress — a lesson the Giants learned long ago. At 34 and out of football for more than two seasons the biggest question about Burress is whether or not he can stand up to the physical rigors of an NFL season.

His practice habits with the Giants were always questionable, even when his game-day performance was not. Thus far with the Jets Burress has already missed much of training camp and one preseason game with an ankle issue, and now this back issue pops up.

Burress did have three catches for 66 yards and a touchdown in his debut, but you just wonder how productive he can be if these types of issues continue to pop up.