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NFL Free Agency 2011: Ahmad Bradshaw Returns To New York Giants

[UPDATE, 08/01/11 4:33 PM EDT: The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Bradshaw's deal is four year $18 million, with $9 million guaranteed. ]

New York Giants fans can breathe a little bit easier this afternoon. After watching the Philadelphia Eagles make several splashy free-agent moves, and worrying that the salary cap-restricted Giants were going to lose their best free agent, Giants fans got good news today when running back Ahmad Bradshaw re-signed.

It seems that Bradshaw, who had apparently been seeking an increase in the guaranteed money the Giants were offering, buckled to some strong-arm tactics by the Giants. He reportedly signed his contract while free-agent running back Jason Snelling, formerly of Atlanta, was meeting with Giants officials. Had Snelling signed with the Giants, Bradshaw likely would have needed to find a new team.

Financial terms have not been disclosed.

Bradshaw ran for 1,235 yards a season ago in his first year as the Giants starting tailback. Keeping the four-year veteran had generally been acknowledged as the Giants primary priority entering the 2011 season.