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Giants Grant Osi Umenyiora's Agent Permission To Seek Out A Trade

One way or another, it seems like the Osi Umenyiora drama that has been surrounding the Giants Training Camp is going to come to an end. According to ESPN New York, the Giants have given Osi and his agent Tony Agnone permission to seek out a trade to another team, which will likely result in his ultimately being shipped out of New York.

"We'll do what's best for the New York Giants," Reese added when asked if he will rip up the defensive end's contract and give him a raise. "I don't have any comments about Osi until we get all the issues resolved."

But it might not happen right away because the Giants are reportedly asking for a first round pick in exchange for the defensive end. That's a lot for a team to give up for a player that so clearly wants to get out of town. In this situation, the team that would be trading for Osi would actually have a pretty significant amount of leverage. I don't think they will end up getting the first round pick they are looking for, but it never hurts to set your sights high to start.

So where might he end up? That's a different story all together. Our Giants blog Big Blue View has some potential options, headlined by the Seattle Seahawks, Baltimore Ravens and our old friend Steve Spagnuolo with the St. Louis Rams.

We'll be keeping track of this drama as it continues to unfold.