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NFL Free Agency 2011: Plaxico Burress To The Jets, Not The Giants?

A report surfaced this morning that free-agent wide receiver Plaxico Burress could indeed be headed to a New York team — just not the one that you have been reading about lately.

A report out of Pittsburgh, where Burress apparently had both breakfast and lunch, with the Steelers today, indicated that the Jets are “expected to make big pitch” for Burress, and that the choice appears to be between the Jets and Steelers.

That same report indicated that Burress, who met with Giants coach Tom Coughlin and other team officials Friday night, was “unlikely” to return to the Giants.

Burress began his career with Pittsburgh, playing five seasons with the Steelers before moving to New York as a free agent prior to the 2005 season.

The Jets have to replace wide receivers Braylon Edwards and Brad Smith, so their interest in Burress in understandable. A variety of reports have also connected the Jets to wide receiver Randy Moss, another temperamental veteran.