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Plaxico Burress: Giants, Steelers Look Like Front-Runners

Could a Plaxico Burress return to the New York Giants really be happening? Amazingly, it looks like a two-horse race for Burress between his two former teams -- the Giants and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Burress will reportedly dine with Tom Coughlin on Friday, and then fly to Pittsburgh to meet with Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin. ESPN reported that Giants general manager Jerry Reese could offer Burress, who caught the winning touchdown pass in the 2007 Super Bowl victory over New England, a two-year, $10.5-million contract.

I find it stunning that Burress and Coughlin, who obviously did not see eye-to-eye even before the former Giants wide receiver shot himself in the leg in Manhattan nightclub in 2008 and wound up in prison, are even this close to a reunion.

I have never thought Burress to the Giants was a good idea. I said as much at Big Blue View a couple of months ago. I still believe that, as much as the 34-year-old Burress could probably still be productive, that the two are better off without each other at this point.

Skip Bayless of ESPN put it this way:

"I think they're (the Giants) a great fit for Plax. But if I'm Plax there's no way I have anything to do with my old team, the New York Football Giants. ... I don't think he and Coughlin would get along for a whole season. I think that's pie in the sky that he's mellowed that much. ... I just think he needs a fresh start somewhere else."

Agreed. Nothing against Burress. I wish him well, but there will always be a sideshow and there will always be a question about how long he and Coughlin can remain on the same page. They are better off without each other.