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Former Rutgers Star Kenny Britt Arrested Again

Former Rutgers University star Kenny Britt, a Bayonne, N.J., native, just cannot seem to stay out of trouble. The Star-Ledger reported today that Britt, now a wide receiver for the NFL's Tennessee Titans, was arrested Wednesday night and charged with resisting arrest after being stopped by Hoboken narcotics officers.


Per the Star-Ledger, Britt had pled guilty to a reckless driving charge just the day before this incident. Britt has also had a couple of other run-ins with the law in the last year or so.


Once again, New York Giants fans have to be thankful that the team did not draft the local star in 2009 when it had the opportunity. In need of receiving help the Giants chose Hakeem Nicks of North Carolina with the 28th pick that season, passing on the Rutgers product. Britt went to Tennessee with the next pick.


Nicks has 126 receptions in two years, has never been in trouble and already appears to be a star. Britt has 84 catches, and keeps getting himself caught by the police. Good choice by Jerry Reese and the Giants.