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Mark Sanchez Gives Some Insight Into 'Jets West'

Debate Mark Sanchez’ development or ability as an NFL quarterback all you want. You have to give him credit, though, for understanding his position with the New York Jets, which is part of the reason Sanchez had organized the ‘Jets West’ workout in California the past two seasons.

Sanchez joined The Michael Kay Show on ESPN Radio in New York earlier this week to talk about ‘Jets West.’ The entire transcript can be found at Sports Radio Interviews. Excerpts are below:

Tell us what Jets West is exactly?

“So basically it started my rookie season and I wanted to get some guys together to work on some routes, work our timing, things like that because I didn’t feel as comfortable as I wanted to my rookie year. Like any quarterback I just wanted to get acclimated and feel good about the season coming up and my second camp. We jumped right in and had this idea. I showed them a powerpoint of the resort they would stay in at Pelican Hill and showed them a little powerpoint presentation on what I had in mind about guys coming out, where to stay, where to eat, some activities, and it kind of took off from there. This is the second installment and each day we start in the classroom and my old high school coach Bob Johnson, his classroom, we go through ‘install’. I’m the offensive coordinator basically and we go through day one formations and shifts, motions, runs, passes, protections, and all that. We go down the field work on those specific routes and it goes pretty much like that for five days straight."

Do you feel Jets West is something important for the success of the Jets while there is a lockout?

“Absolutely and I think it has kind of become the trend and this year it is almost a trend because you have to. Last year we did it just to get even better, but it puts an advantage when the season starts."