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Mocking The Draft: Giants A 'Winner' In 2011 NFL Draft

From shockingly finding Nebraska cornerback Prince Amukamara available to them with the 19th selection of the first round to grabbing Da'Rel Scott, the running back with the fastest NFL Scouting Combine 40-yard dash time, the New York Giants felt good about what they accomplished in the 2011 NFL Draft.

"You try to take the best player available," said Giants General Manager Jerry Reese. "We always try to get value and need with our picks. We were able to do that quite a bit the last couple of days."

In the rush to judgment following the conclusion of the draft, analysts everywhere like to hand out grades or determine draft 'winners' and losers.' The Giants are in the 'winners' category, according to SB Nation's Mocking The Draft.

"New York general manager Jerry Reese got to sit back in the draft and wait for talent to fall to him. He didn't make trades and didn't need to. He got a steal with cornerback Prince Amukamara in the first round and defensive tackle Marvin Austin in the second round. Jerrel Jernigan is a playmaker and a good fit for their offense. James Brewer is a big, tough blocker. Greg Jones and Tyler Sash were wildly productive college players and the leaders of their teams."

Of course, what analysts think right now really doesn't matter. Only what happens once players put the pads on and see game action does. Still, feels nice that the Giants are looked at as having had a successful draft.