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NFL Draft Results 2011: Giants Select Greg Jones, LB, Michigan State in Sixth Round

The Giants needed a linebacker in the worst way. They had addressed needs at the back and front of the defense, and now they have added a playmaker—linebacker Greg Jones from Michigan State. Jones is a 6’1", 242 pound beast who the Giants were very lucky to grab all the way down with the 185th pick in the draft.

Here is the skinny from NFL Draft Bible: Great experience and good form tackling ability are what Greg Jones brings to the table. The senior isn’t as gifted in coverage and often didn’t even play three downs at MSU but projects as a potential thumping middle linebacker that could develop as a pass protector. Looked very lack luster in Mobile though.

The Giants have two more (yes, you read that correctly) picks in the sixth round, so we will post another update shortly.