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SB Nation New York 2011 NFL Mock Draft: With 31st Pick, Steelers Select ...

Danny Watkins, OG, Baylor.

I was caught in-between a couple of choices here -- Watkins or Texas CB/S Aaron Williams. I fell back on my belief that when in doubt, strengthen the trenches. Among the handful of draft analysts I trust most there seemed to be a mixed bag of opinion on what the Pittsburgh Steelers would do here, go offensive line or go with a player to try and upgrade their secondary.

According to most analysts Williams is clearly No. 5 in a draft with four elite cornerback prospects. He carries a first-round grade, but no one seems sure if he is a cornerback or a safety, and going with him seems risky to me.

Watkins seems like a good fit for a team that needs to continue revamping its offensive line after grabbing center Maurkice Pouncey a year ago. He is the best offensive lineman on the board and could wind up starting for a long time. Watkins will be 27 by the time the 2011 NFL season starts, but that really should not scare NFL teams in need of upgrades along the line.