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SB Nation New York 2011 NFL Mock Draft: With 29th Pick, Chicago Selects ...

Derek Sherrod, OT, Mississippi State.

In truth, this pick finds the Chicago Bears in no-man's land. It seems from everything I can find that the players they might really want -- offensive tackles Gabe Carimi and Nate Solder and maybe defensive tackle Corey Liuget of Illinois -- are all gone. What you read over and over is that if the draft unfolds this way the Bears will look to trade down and grab players they like with second- or third-round values.

No trading in our mock, though, so Sherrod is the pick. It isn't easy to find athletic, quality left tackles in the NFL and even though he would be the sixth to come off the board in the first round draft analysts see Sherrod as a player who could be one.

Draft Countdown's Scott Wright summarized Sherrod this way:

The type who does everything well but nothing great --- Possesses both the physical tools and intangibles that you look for in a left tackle prospect --- Not particularly flashy but very consistent and arguably the best all - around blocker in this class.