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SB Nation New York 2011 NFL Mock Draft: With 27th Pick, Atlanta Selects ...

Adrian Clayborn, DE, Iowa.

The majority of the highly-regarded draft experts I tend to find credible think the Atlanta Falcons will go defensive end with this pick, and almost every time Iowa's Clayborn is available in those mock drafts he is the selection. That makes sense since he seems like the truest 4-3 defensive end with a first-round grade left at this point, and that is good enough for me.

Also, in perusing SB Nation's Falcons' website, The Falcoholic, being able to land Clayborn here seems like a dream scenario Atlanta fans simply don't believe has a chance of coming true. In the land of the SB Nation New York Mock Draft, though, that dream scenario has turned into reality for Atlanta.

Draft Countdown says "his blend of size, speed and power plus a non-stop motor makes Clayborn one of the better all-around defensive ends in this class."

The clip below shows a good battle between Wisconsin's Gabe Carimi, one of the most highly-regarded offensive linemen in this draft, and Clayborn. At times, both players acquitted themselves well.

Gabe Carimi vs. Adrian Clayborn (via AloAloysius)