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SB Nation New York 2011 NFL Mock Draft: With 23rd Pick, Philadelphia Selects ...

Jimmy Smith, CB, Colorado.

If the Philadelphia Eagles sit at No. 23 in the real 2011 NFL Draft, and things work out this way, the Eagles won't hesitate to pull the trigger on Smith. A player many consider to be a top 10-15 talent in the 2011 NFL Draft class some teams are shying away from Smith due to character concerns. The cornerback-starved Eagles, a team that took a chance on Michael Vick, won't be one of them.

Scott Wright of Draft Countdown is one of many analysts who has Smith going to the Eagles at this spot. He explains:

When it comes to size and speed, few corners can match Colorado’s Jimmy Smith, who checks in at 6-2¼ and 211 pounds while running in the mid-4.4’s. Unfortunately Smith doesn’t always play up to those impressive measurables and there are also some concerns about his intangibles. A polarizing prospect who there is a wide range of opinions on, some feel Smith is a Top 15 overall talent while others have stamped mid-round grades on him. When all is said and done Smith’s tantalizing triangle numbers  will likely lead to some team pulling the trigger in round one, but he may be a boom or bust type of prospect.

Jimmy Smith vs. Oklahoma (via AloAloysius)