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SB Nation New York 2011 NFL Mock Draft: With 15th Pick, Miami Selects ...

Ryan Mallett, QB, Arkansas.

This is a great pick -- for the New York Giants. Is it a great pick for the Miami Dolphins? I am not so sure about that. I made it here, though, because there are more and more rumblings that this is the move Miami seems likely to make.

Why is this a great pick for the Giants? Well, two other players widely considered to be on Miami's radar screen here -- Alabama running Mark Ingram and Florida OG/C Mike Pouncey -- are also thought of as possibilities for New York at No. 19. The Giants have zero interest in a quarterback, so this improves the Giants' chances of getting a player on their board.

Increasingly, it seems Miami does not want to wait until the second round and see which quarterbacks are left on the board. Mallett is a gifted passer, but there are many questions about his commitment. From Draft Countdown:

... grades out as a first round talent on film, however doubts about intangibles could result in a Draft Day fall --- A prototypical pocket passer and impressive physical specimen who could potentially be the next Drew Bledsoe if everything clicks but Derek Anderson may be a more realistic comparison  ---  Profiles as classic Boom or Bust prospect.

So, the question. Are the Dolphins grabbing the next Dan Marino here? Maybe. They could also be grabbing the next Ryan Leaf. Such is the gamble you take when drafting a first-round quarterback.

Prospect or Suspect: Ryan Mallett (via CBSSports)