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SB Nation New York 2011 NFL Mock Draft: With 10th Pick, Washington Selects ...

Jake Locker, QB, Washington.

A couple of weeks ago this pick seemed highly unlikely. There is an increasing belief, though, that there will be a first-round run on quarterbacks. Where it once seemed that only Cam Newton and Blaine Gabbert would be selected in the first round, I have seen analysts recently predict that as many as six quarterbacks could be selected among the first 32 picks.

The Redskins would, in reality, probably love to move out of this pick. They are without third- or fourth-round picks in this draft, so moving down and acquiring more picks is probably a strong consideration here. In our draft, though, we are not making or forecasting trades. That leaves the Redskins to go ahead and make this pick.

What Washington currently has at quarterback is Donovan McNab, who no one believes will be there whenever the 2011 season opens, and Rex Grossman, who no one is deluded enough to believe is the long-term answer.

Thus, the Redskins grab Locker. He likely will need a season of sitting behind Grossman before being ready to take over, but I think the Redskins could live with Grossman for a year.