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Michael Strahan Talks About Plaxico Burress, The New York Giants And Replacing Regis Philbin

Michael Strahan has come a long way since he was 'just' an All-Pro defensive end for the New York Giants. Actor, FOX Sports football analyst and potential replacement for retiring morning show host Regis Philbin. Strahan's opinion is sought on a wide variety of topics these days, and an appearance on Monday's Pro Football Talk live was no exception.

Strahan, talking with host Mike Florio, talked about Plaxico Burress, Regis Philbin, the current NFL labor negotiations, Eli Manning's 2010 performance, Charlie Sheen and more. By the way, he thinks there is no question the Giants should re-sign Burress:

"They should pick him up," Strahan said. "I think the Giants should get him. I'd take him in a heartbeat. Why even act like the guy's not talented and you wouldn't want him to play for you?

"I definitely as a coach would pick him up in a heartbeat. I think Michael Vick has done a great job of showing that you can have a second opportunity and make the most of it, and I think that's what Plaxico can do if he's given the opportunity to do it once he's out of prison."

Florio asked Strahan if he was "on the radar screen" as a potential Regis replacement:

"I have no idea," Strahan said. "If I am on the radar screen I'm happy to be on it. ... It's one of those dream jobs. ... To be a part of that would be nice, it would be special."