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NFL Mock Draft: Anthony Castonzo Still SB Nation's Pick For Giants

When it comes to the New York Giants, the new ‘post-combine’ NFL Mock Draft from our friends at SB Nation looks a lot like all of the old ‘pre-combine’ mock drafts.

Boston College offensive tackle Anthony Castonzo was SB Nation’s pick for the Giants in the final mock prior to the NFL Scouting Combine, and he is still SB Nation’s pick for the Giants with the 19th overall selection.

Castonzo showed in Indianapolis that he is the most-polished, most NFL-ready tackle available this year. Tom Coughlin and the BC pipeline aside, Castonzo is a nice need fit for the Giants that will eventually start, whether it be on the left side or the right.

Draft Countdown agrees with SB Nation’s assessment of Castonzo’s work at the Combine:

The star of the day was Boston College’s Anthony Castonzo, who looked very polished. There is little doubt that Castonzo made some money in Indy, possibly propelling himself into the Top 20 overall.

I don’t have a big problem with this pick. I believe Castonzo fits in this slot. I do, however, wonder about a draft that has Blaine Gabbert of Missouri going No. 1 to Carolina and linebacker Akeem Ayers of UCLA, often connected to the Giants, falling out of the first round.