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Super Bowl History: 'No Good. Wide Right,' As Giants Win Super Bowl XXV

Jan. 27, 1991. New York Giants 20, Buffalo Bills 19. Wide right by Scott Norwood gives the New York Giants their second Super Bowl championship.

Al Michaels' most famous words are, of course, "Do you believe in miracles?' in reference to the U.S.A.'s improbable Olympic victory over the Soviet Union. As far as Giants fans are concerned, the sweetest words he ever spoke were, "No Good. Wide right," when Norwood's kick sailed outside the uprights.

This is a game the plodding Giants were not supposed to win against the high-flying AFC Champion Bills. The Giants, though, controlled the ball for 40 minutes, 33 seconds. Super Bowl MVP Ottis Anderson carried 21 times for 102 yards, leading a bruising New York attack.

In a recent look back at the 20th anniversary of that day, SB Nation's Bills website, Buffalo Rumblings, called the game "the most exciting and devastating day in team history."

ESPN New York recently offered an exhilarating look back at the game, exhilarating at least from the perspective of a Giants fan.

Here is a snippet:

Buffalo had defeated the Giants 17-13 in December, and Phil Simms went down in that game with a broken foot. Parcells would have to win his second championship with Jeff Hostetler at quarterback. "And nobody really gave us a chance," [Bill] Parcells said.

"But I believe there's always a way to win games like these; that's how I was brought up in coaching. You've got to figure out a way to give your team a chance to be successful. One way is to let their talent flourish, and the other way is to give them a plan to inhibit the other team's talent from flourishing."

Parcells was right. The Giants followed his script. Norwood missed the kick, and the Giants were unlikely champions.

Super bowl XXV New York Giants vs Buffalo Bills (1991) - Last Drive of the game [HD] (via JINCHILE)