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NFL Playoff Scenarios: New York Jets Need Victory And Some Help

Sunday's 29-14 loss to the New York Giants made it a bit tougher for the New York Jets to make the AFC playoffs. However, there's still a good chance that Gang Green can sneak in, but they will need some help.

The only way the Jets can get into the playoff is if they defeat the Miami Dolphins in Week 17 and both the Cincinnati Bengals, who play the visiting Baltimore Ravens, and Oakland Raiders, who hosts the San Diego Chargers, each lose.

If the Jets win and the Bengals lose, but the Raiders win, Oakland will earn the No. 6 playoff spot because it owns the head-to-head tiebreaker over New York. If the Jets win and the Raiders lose, but Bengals win, Cincinnati is in the playoffs.

If all three teams lose next Sunday, then again Cincinnati earns the AFC's last playoff spot.

AFC Playoff Picture

Division Leaders
New England Patriots (12-3) Clinched Division
Baltimore Ravens (11-4) Clinched Playoff Berth
Houston Texans (10-5) Clinched Division
Tied: Denver Broncos (8-7) and Oakland Raiders (8-7)

Pittsburgh Steelers (11-4) Cliched Playoff Berth
Cincinnati Bengals (9-6)

In The Hunt
New York Jets (8-7)
Tennessee Titans (8-7)