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NFL Playoff Scenarios: New York Giants Are In With A Win Vs. Cowboys

Sunday's 29-14 victory over the New York Jets makes the NFC playoff scenario for the New York Giants very simple: beat the Dallas Cowboys in Week 17 and you're in. Lose and starting making tee times for Monday -- of course, those tee times probably would need to be made in a warmer climate.

As for the rest of the NFC, on Sunday the Seattle Seahawks, Arizona Cardinals and Philadelphia Eagles were all eliminated from playoff contention. The Detroit Lions clinched their first playoff berth since 1999 with a dominating 38-10 victory over the San Diego Chargers. Meanwhile, two teams hanging onto their playoff lives are: the Atlanta Falcons play Monday night against the New Orleans Saints, and the Chicago Bears, who play at the Green Bay Packers Sunday night.

Here's the latest look at the NFC Playoff Picture:

Division Leaders
Green Bay Packers (13-1) Clinched Division
New Orleans Saints (11-3) Clinched Playoff Berth
San Francisco 49ers (12-3) Clinched Division
Tied: Dallas Cowboys (8-7) and New York Giants (8-7)

Detroit Lions (10-5) Clinched Playoff Berth
Atlanta Falcons (9-5)

In The Hunt
Chicago Bears (7-7)