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Justin Tuck Injury Update: Giants' Defensive Captain Feels 'Tony The Tiger Great'

Here is the most amazing thing about an injury udpate regarding the condition of New York Giants defensive end Justin Tuck — there are no injuries to report.

Tuck, the Giants’ Pro Bowl end and defensive captain, has dealt with a myriad of injuries this season. He has groin, neck, shoulder, ankle and toe injuries — all of which have contributed to a sub-par season for a player who had been acknowledged as the Giants’ best defensive player the past couple of seasons.

Now, though, Tuck’s name does not appear on the Giants’ injury report. He has practiced fully so far this week as the Giants prepare for what could be a season-defining game Saturday against the New York Jets.

Tuck said Thursday that he feels “Tony the Tiger great.”

Asked about the meaning of Saturday’s game, and all of the back-and-forth between players on both sides this week, Tuck put everything in its proper perspective:

“I could care less about bragging rights. The last time I checked the mayor of New York ran the city. New Jersey, Governor Christie, doesn’t he have a lot to say with what goes on in New Jersey? I didn’t see me making any rulings on anything. Rex Ryan either. We have a lot of catching up to do. What is it, 27 rings now the Yankees have? They run New York if you want to talk about running New York,” Tuck said.

“Win. That’s all that matters. Win. We don’t need to play good. We just need to win. I don’t care what happens. Make sure that we have more points than they have. That’s the mentality.”