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Rex Ryan: Jets Coach Says 'Whoever Wins This Game, I Think Is Clearly The Best Team In New York'

New York Jets coach Rex Ryan made it clear in his book that he felt the Jets had ascended to 'Big Brother' status over the New York Giants, who they face Saturday at MetLife Stadium. He already said this week that he would not play "second fiddle" to the Giants.

So, given another opportunity Monday to talk about his "Big Brother" comments Ryan, of course, took the bait.

"Well, certainly we were the better team in the first two years. We made the playoffs, went to the championship game. To say a team's better than you that never went to the playoffs is ridiculous. Clearly, we were the better team my first two years here and we get to prove on Saturday who the best team is this year," Ryan said. "Quite honestly, both of us are having disappointing years, but it comes down to who beats who. It doesn't matter about the other things, you're basically the same record and everything's at stake, so the proof's in the pudding. Whoever wins this game, I think is clearly the best team in New York."

The Jets are 8-6 entering the game and the Giants are 7-7. A loss Saturday could prove devastating to the playoff hopes of either team.

"This is going to be a great game. We said it even in the preseason, it's going to be a knockdown drag-out. There's going to be a butt in every single seat to see it, whether you're a Jets fan, a Giants fan or just a football fan, I mean this is going to be a great game," Ryan said. "And quite honestly, I never came here to be little brother to anybody, so it's on. We have to go out and prove it. You don't play each other for four years, so there's some bragging rights and all that. There's some more important things that go into it, because basically, you're out of the playoffs if you lose this game, either team is. So, we know what's at stake, but is there bragging rights and all that? Yes, absolutely. We want to be the best team in New York, but we want to be the best team in NFL, and it starts with being the best team in New York. It's going to start with how we play on Saturday."

Giants coach Tom Coughlin, typically, would not engage in any war of words.

"I don't usually get involved in the rhetoric part of this thing. I think what's important is that the game is an important game to both teams. And the game will be settled on Saturday afternoon at one," Coughlin said.