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Redskins 23, Giants 10: 'Embarrassed' Giants React To Latest Defeat

New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin said he “expected to see more.” Defensive tackle Chris Canty said he was “embarrassed.” Defensive end Justin Tuck said Sunday’s stunning 23-10 loss at MetLife Stadium to the Washington Redskins was “disappointing” and that he was “a little bit embarrassed.”

The Giants deserved to be ashamed of themselves Sunday. With their playoff destiny in their hands they were manhandled by a team that entered the game 4-9 and had lost seven of its last eight games.

“I just expected to see more. I expected to see quality, quality execution and really, quite frankly, we didn’t get much of that,” said Coughlin. " I can’t say it any more bluntly, I expected more."

“Knowing what we had at stake, it is disappointing,” said defensive end Justin Tuck. " wish I could give you the right answers to these questions but I think we are all searching for answers as far as why? I think we are all searching for a spark, I think we all are looking at ourselves and saying, ‘How can I do better?’ and that’s the tough thing because we haven’t seemed to have found a consistent answer. We have had stretches where we played okay but it is nothing that has been sustained."

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