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Tom Coughlin: Antrel Rolle 'Wants To Do Things Right'

New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin has had to answer questions before about controversial remarks made by safety Antrel Rolle. So, he could not have been surprised Wednesday when he was asked about Rolle’s latest tirade, this one during Rolle’s Tuesday appearance on WFAN.

Rolle, of course, ripped NBC’s Cris Collinsworth — as well as pretty much calling out his coaches and teammates on the beleaguered Giants’ defense.

Here is part of what Rolle said:

“This is a message to myself, this is a message to the coaches, this is a message to anyone who has anything to do with our defense. Everyone needs to get on the same page and clean it up right now. There’s no room for error at this point.”

During his weekly meeting with the media on Wednesday, Coughlin called Rolle “fiery” and said he is “honest in terms of his ability to reflect on himself and others.”

If he has any problems dealing with the talkative veteran safety, Coughlin certainly did not let on.

“He’s been a very, very easy guy to talk to. He makes it easy for you. He’ll come upstairs and visit with me. He’ll come and sit down and talk. He wants to do it the right way, believe me. He wants to do things right and be good,” Coughlin said.

Coughlin expressed “grave concern” earlier this week about some of the big plays being given up by the defense, and he appeared to address Rolle’s comment that “everyone needs to get on the same page.”

"I just spoke to the team this morning about each one of us, including the coaches, myself, have got to dig down deep now because we want more. We want better production. We want to play better," Coughlin said. “We want to be in position where perhaps the way to phase it is that these games don’t have to come down to the last play of the game. We’re all striving for that. That’s what we talked about in terms of team, not just any one individual.”