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Ahmad Bradshaw Injury Update: Coughlin Says He Has To Practice

New York Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw said Wednesday that he was “planning on playing” Sunday against the Green Bay Packers, but that he wasn’t planning practicing this week.

Well, head coach Tom Coughlin said Thursday that is Bradshaw wants to do the former he is going to have to do the latter, at least in a limited fashion.

“What did I say though? You asked me the same thing in my conference and I said that he’s going to have to practice,” Coughlin said. “He’ll practice enough so that he’s got his timing and so-on and so-forth. We wouldn’t overdo it with him, but he is going to have to practice and we’ll see. He wants to. Believe me, he wants to – In the worst way.”

Despite missing four games with a cracked bone in his foot Bradshaw is still the Giants leading rusher with 440 yards gained this season.