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Giants 24, Patriots 20: Quick Reaction

Here is a quick look back at Sunday’s 24-20 victory by the New York Giants over the New England Patriots.

It Was Over When …

Eli Manning hit Jake Ballard for a one-yard touchdown pass to give the Giants the winning margin with just 15 seconds to play.

Turning Point Of The Game

This game had tons of twists and turns so it’s tough to pick out a single turning point. Two plays on the Giants’ final drive are worth mentioning. Ballard’s leaping 28-yard catch on third down to set the Giants up in New England territory. Next, the pass interference call at the goal line on a questionable throw by Manning where Victor Cruz was double covered. That put the Giants at the one-yard line.

Three Up

— Manning led the Giants to a fourth-quarter come-from-behind victory for the fifth time this season. In fact, he brought the Giants from behind twice in the final period Sunday..

— Ballard continues to amaze with pass-catching prowess he was not supposed to possess. He caught four passes Sunday for 57 yards.

— Brandon Jacobs ran 18 times for 72 yards and caught four passes for 28 yards. Jacobs ran with authority.

Three Down

— Devin Thomas dropped one kickoff and his three returns averaged only 14 yards. He was replaced by rookie Jerrel Jernigan after muffing a kickoff in the fourth quarter.

— Joe Buck and Troy Aikman. I usually don’t comment on announcers, but could these two have been any more negative about Manning? They spent the entire game belittling his mechanics and his back-foot throws, which I will admit can be annoying. They ignored the fact that he was getting results.

— Kevin Boothe had a rough day with shotgun snaps. He hit himself in the butt on one snap, and sent a second one way high and wide to Manning’s right.


“I knew we would win,” Giants running back Brandon Jacobs said. “It definitely took me back to the Super Bowl.”