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Giants Vs. Patriots Final Score: Giants Win 24-20 With A Last Minute Touchdown

The number 85 will continue to haunt the New England Patriots. Tonight with 15 seconds left in the game Jake Ballard quieted the Foxboro faithful pulling in a pass to put the Giants ahead four points with a beautiful touchdown reception. The entire fourth quarter was a back and forth affair from both teams trying to create enough of a buffer to put the other away.

The Patriots tied the game up with a touchdown pass to Aaron Hernandez. They then went ahead with a 45 yard field goal. Eli Manning led the Giants down the field from their own 15, ending the drive with a 10 yard pass to Mario Manningham. The Patriots retook the lead with a Tom Brady pass to Rob Gronkowski, putting the Pats up 20-17. Finally, it was Eli Manning taking the Giants 80 yards to end the game with a touch down to Jake Ballard. The touchdown was set up by a pass interference. 

The Patriots tried to stage a last second comeback with a lateral play that quickly fell apart as soon as it started. The Giants now end the Patriot's undefeated home record and improve to 6-2 on the season.