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Giants Vs. Patriots Score Update: Giants Take 10-3 Lead In Third Quarter

The New York Giants hard nosed game against the New England Patriots finally saw some scoring in the third quarter. In a game that was mirroring the LSU/Alabama game from Saturday night through two quarters, both teams finally got on the board in the third. The Giants continued to throw off Tom Brady's timing, forcing the Pro Bowl quarter back to throw his second interception of the game in the opening drive. The Giants used the momentum to draw first blood with a field goal.

On the next Patriot's drive, Tom Brady fumbled the ball. This set the Giants up with some great field position in the Patriot's red zone. A 10 yard run from Brandon Jacobs put the Giants up 10-0 with nine minutes remaining in the third. The Patriots were finally able to get on the board with a 32 yard field goal from Stephan Gostkowski, leaving the score at 10-3 to close the third quarter.