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New York Jets Defensive End Aaron Maybin Excited To Meet Former Team, Buffalo Bills

New York Jets defensive end Aaron Maybin has revived his career in his new home after two underwhelming seasons in Buffalo. Prepared to meet his former team for the first time on Sunday, Maybin told WFAN in New York he wants to keep his focus pointed in the proper direction.

"Honestly I am not the guy who is going to go around, complaining about what I didn't get in Buffalo and all that kind of stuff.  What happened in Buffalo was in Buffalo.  With this week coming in my main focus is on getting on a W."

Maybin was cut by the Jets at the end of training camp this season but re-signed with the team in the beginning of October. The 2009 first-round pick (No. 11) has recorded three sacks and five tackles through four games with the Jets, after failing to notch a single sack during two seasons with Buffalo.

He credits New York coach Rex Ryan in part for his improved play.

"Honestly coach [Rex] Ryan has just had the confidence to put me out there and let me make plays for him. For whatever reason for the amount of times I was in Buffalo I was never able to earn that confidence from the coaching staff where they felt like they could put me out there and expect big plays from me, but ever since I have gotten here that has been how Rex has used me. That's what he has expected out of me out from day one and having that confidence from your head coach is definitely something that makes you want to go out there as a player and work your hardest."

Maybin admitted he is "pretty excited" to face Buffalo for the first time, but seemed more excited by the prospect of meeting two divisional foes with an opportunity for the Jets to gain ground.

"This is what you sign up for. When you started playing games as a kid in your back yard you envisioned one day being able to play in one of those high stakes games like the games we have coming up on our schedule. We got a tough stretch ahead of us, but one of the things we noticed and have seen on that stretch is that how we come out of that stretch is going to say a lot about the character of this football team. Guys have really been attacking that preparation aspect of it pretty hard and it's been fun, but at the same time we are making sure we took this bye week to refocus ourselves and get ready for that long haul that is coming in that second stretch of the season."

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