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Giants Vs. Saints Score: New York Trails New Orleans 35-17 Early Fourth Quarter

The New York Giants went into the locker room at halftime trying to figure how to overcome the offense of Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints.

So far, they haven't had much luck, and trail the home team 35-17 after three quarters of play.

New York had an early scare when Isa Abdul-Quddus drilled Hakeem Nicks, drawing a penalty and knocking the Giants wide receiver out of the game, albeit only temporarily.


Brandon Jacobs tried to get "Big Blue" back into the game on their opening drive, steamrolling his way into the end zone to pull the Giants back within 11, but it wouldn't last. Brees took matters into his own hands and ran one in to make it 28-10.

The Saints added insult to injury after Brees dropped one in for Jimmy Graham for a 29-yard score. As if the 35-10 score didn't tell the tale, New York botched a punt and turned the ball over to New Orleans as they entered the fourth quarter.

Giants first play of the quarter and Eli Manning finds Victor Cruz wide open to close it to 35-17.