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NFL Playoff Picture, Week 12: Giants Need Victory In Big Easy

Over and over, the New York Giants keep hearing about second-half collapses. That has happened to the Giants two years in a row, when they looked like a playoff team at the halfway point of the season only to fold at the end of the year and go home early.

The familiar script is playing out again as the Giants started 6-2, but have lost two straight fall to 6-4. They would be out of the playoffs if they began today. The Giants' season won't be over if they don't defeat the New Orleans Saints in their Monday Night Football encounter, but their playoff hopes will be on life support. Even with a victory tonight the Giants would not be a playoff lock -- they would simply position themselves where they would have a legitimate opportunity, especially since they play the Dallas Cowboys twice in the season's final four weeks.

NFC Playoff Picture

Division Leaders
Green Bay Packers (11-0)
San Francisco 49ers (9-2)
New Orleans Saints (7-3)
Dallas Cowboys (7-4)

Wild-Card Leaders
Chicago Bears (7-4)
Atlanta Falcons (7-4)

In The Hunt
Detroit Lions (7-4)
New York Giants (6-4)