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ANIMATED: D.J. Ware Sustains Concussion On Cullen Jenkins Hit, Out For Game With Injury

"Keep your head on a swivel, kid!" So says every football coach to every undersized football player in every cliche-ridden football movie ever made. The Giants' D.J. Ware clearly was not in and has not seen those movies, given the way he just got hit by Philadelphia's Cullen Jenkins.


Ware stayed down for a few moments, and suffered a concussion on the play, according to NBC. Jenkins' helmet appears to make contact with the facemask of Ware's helmet, but because Ware was a runner, he was not considered a defenseless player on the play, which set the Giants up for a Lawrence Tynes field goal. Jenkins was not penalized for the hit.

Without Ware, the Giants will have to rely on Brandon Jacobs and Da'Rel Scott as their running backs. Ahmad Bradshaw is also out for tonight's game.

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