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Giants Safety Antrel Rolle Not Worried About Wes Welker, Or Anyone Else For That Matter

In case you're wondering, New York Giants safety Antrel Rolle isn't even remotely worried about taking on New England Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker this Sunday. Welker leads the NFL in receptions and is second in receiving yards and receiving touchdowns, but when asked Wednesday, Rolle couldn't think of what made Welker so difficult to cover. In fact, he didn't think Welker would be much trouble at all.

 "I don't know," Rolle said. "You've got to ask those guys he's giving trouble to," Rolle said. "I don't plan on having to answer to those questions."    

Though Rolle did credit Welker for being a "monster elite receiver," he refused to acknowledge it would be a "mismatch" in Welker's favor if Rolle was given the task of covering New England's slot receiver, who missed the Patriots' practice Wednesday with a neck injury sustained this past Sunday.

"A mismatch for who?" Rolle asked. "He is a great receiver and you don't take anything from him, but he is human at the end of the day. And like I said, the game has to be played on Sunday. I'll answer more questions after the game."

"I can handle anything."

The comments seemed to stem more from Rolle's confidence in himself and his teammates than they did any sort of disrespect for Welker or his talents. Rolle pointed to how the Steelers were able to shut Welker down by playing great defense, something he believes the Giants are more than capable of doing, as well.

"I don't worry about our schedule, I feel like our schedule needs to worry about us," Rolle said. "That is my approach and the way I look at it and how I am always going to look at it."

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