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Michael Boley Injury Update: If Boley Is Out, Who Quarterbacks The Giants Defense?

As we reported earlier, New York Giants linebacker Michael Boley (hamstring) did not practice today. If Boley is not able to play Sunday night against the Philadelphia Eagles — which seems likely at this point — that leaves the Giants with a problem.

Who will call their defensive signals? Boley, in his seventh year in the league, took over that job this season when middle linebacker Jonathan Goff was lost for the season with a knee injury.

Giants coach Tom Coughlin was hardly expansive in answering questions Wednesday regarding who would quarterback the defense.

“We will accomplish that,” is all Coughlin would say.

Well, thanks for the help on that one, coach!

The responsibility could fall to rookie middle linebacker Greg Jones, although that does not seem likely since Jones will probably only play part-time against the Eagles explosive offense.

The more likely scenario would be that Mathias Kiwanuka would call those signals whenever he is at linebacker, and that someone like Deon Grant would handle the responsibility whenever Kiwanuka is lined up as a defensive end.