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New York Giants Vs. San Francisco 49ers: Hackeem Nicks Touchdown Closes Score To 27-20

The New York Giants cut the San Francisco 49ers lead when Eli Manning connected with Hackeem Nicks for a 32 yard touchdown. It was the second Giants touchdown of the day as well as Nicks' second catch. Nicks created an opening getting away from the 9ers defense on a deep route downfield. Manning timed his passes perfectly and Nick didn't have to break stride at all. It was a much needed touchdown as the Giants were down by two touchdowns prior to the grab. 

The 9ers expanded their lead just four minutes prior when running back Kendall Hunter broke several tackles and rushed downfield for a 17 yard touchdown. It is Hunter's second touchdown of the 2011 NFL season. The hole was created on the left side of the offensive line and once Hunter got moving he was gone. The carry put the 9ers up 27-13 with 12 minutes to go in the game.