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New York Giants Vs. San Francisco 49ers: Vernon Davis Leaps To Put 9ers Ahead 20-13

The 49ers continue to push the Giants around this Sunday when Alex Smith connected with tight end Vernon Davis for a 31 yard pass for the touchdown. Davis was left wide open giving him plenty of space to make the catch and turn downfield towards the end zone. He finished his run with an unnecessary leap into the end zone. The touchdown was Davis' first on the day. It was his fourth touchdown this season.


The 9ers opted to go for the two point conversion to put them ahead by 7 and Alex Smith connected with Michael Crabtree who was wide open in the endzone. The 9ers completed the drive going ahead 20-13 over the Giants. Below is a video of the catch:

The Giants defense were unable to stop the San Francisco offense during the drive and allowed Davis to create enough space to get the grab and six points.