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NFL Power Rankings Week 9: Giants No. 9, Jets No. 14 In Aggregated Rankings

The 5-2 New York Giants have moved up to No. 9 in the aggregated Week 9 NFL Power Rankings from Real Clear Sports. The New York Jets (4-3) are No. 14 after having a bye last weekend.

Real Clear Sports aggregates the rankings of eight popular Internet sites, including ESPN, CBS, SB Nation and FOX.

The Giants were No. 4 in this week’s CBS poll. In the Sagarin Rankings, though, the Giants were all the way down at No. 20.

The Jets’ rankings were much more consisten, ranging from 12th-place finishes in the Sporting News and FOX Sports polls to a No. 19 ranking in the CBS Sports poll.

The Green Bay Packers were a unanimous No. 1, taking the top spot in every poll used by RCS. The Indianapolis Colts were No. 32, finishing last in six of the eight power rankings used. The Miami Dolphins got the last-place votes in the other two polls.