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Giants Vs. Dolphins Score Update: Victor Cruz Helps Giants To 20-17 Lead In Fourth Quarter

The heavy underdog Miami Dolphins are giving the New York Giants a run for their money into the fourth quarter. It looks like a potential big week of massive upsets in the NFL, and the Giants are desperately trying to hold onto a slim 20-17 lead and keep Miami from their first win of the season.


The offensive story through the first three quarters has been Dolphins running back Reggie Bush, who currently has 14 carries and 107 rushing yards.

Eli Manning led the Giants on a huge drive in the middle of the fourth quarter, ending with a spectacular catch by Victor Cruz in the red zone, who avoided defenders and made it into the end zone for the first giants lead of the game.

The Giants offense will need to keep constant pressure on the Dolphins over the final minutes of the game if they hope to walk away with a win in this one.

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