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Giants' QB Eli Manning: 'I Like Where We Are'

The New York Giants are 4-2, leading the NFC East as they head into their bye week. It has not been all smooth sailing for the Giants, but right now it looks like the Giants should be competitive right to the final weeks of the season. Quarterback Eli Manning joined the Michael Kay Show on ESPN Radio New York on Monday to discuss the Giants' start. 

Sports Radio Interviews has the transcript. Excerpts after the jump.

What are you feelings on the win against the Buffalo Bills? How do you look at the game?

"I thought it was a big win. I thought everybody responded at the end of the game and that’s what happens in the NFL. You’d love to go out there and hope to have 14-point lead in the 4th quarter and run the ball and breeze into a victory. It just doesn’t happen much in the NFL. Teams are too good and it seems like every game is a tight one and you never know what might happen. The defense stepped up big getting a turnover at the end of the game. As an offense we did our part."

Have you been surprised with how good Jake Ballard has been?

"Jake has done a great job. I don’t think he has great speed or anything, but he runs good routes he catches the ball extremely well. He’s good at blocking and he’s just a big target. He’s got good body control and he’s making plays. I kind of got on him and said you gotta stop getting tackled at the one yard line. You gotta try to get in there for me and get the touchdown, but he’s really played well. He’s grown into his role and he was just kind of playing in regular personnel and now he is just playing a little more in three wide out sets and making good catches and making some good reads and he’s been a big part of our success the last few weeks."

You are 4-2 going into the bye. Is this a satisfactory 4-2 or do you think you can play better?

"I am pleased. I am happy being 4-2. It’s a good situation. I think we can definitely play better. I am happy with what we are doing. I thought we’ve made improvements as the year goes on. There are some things to clean up, but I like where we are."