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NFL Trade Deadline: Giants Trade Rumors -- There Aren't Any

-- The NFL Trade Deadline is Tuesday. Should the Giants do anything?

The 2011 NFL Trade Deadline is Tuesday, and it seems likely to pass quietly for the New York Giants. What, really, is there for general manager Jerry Reese to do for his 4-2 team?

Sure, the Giants could use an impact cornerback or even a safety. Maybe an every-down middle linebacker. How abut a pass-catching tight end to replace the seemingly useless Travis Beckum? Those types of players generally are not available at the NFL Trade Deadline, though, and none of the chatter out on the Inter-Google leads you to believe this season will be any different.

There really also in no need for Reese to try and dump any of his current players, though if he can dump what he deems to be an expendable spare part for a draft pick that might be something Reese would do.

What he won't be doing is trading Osi Umenyiora. The seemingly always unhappy defensive end asked for a trade during preseason and did not get one. Since returning from August knee surgery Umenyiora has played exceptionally with five sacks and two forced fumbles in three games. Whatever issues there are between the Giants and Umenyiora those can be dealt with later.

Reese will likely do nothing. Rather, he will probably rely on the return of first-round pick Prince Amukamara (broken foot), wide receiver Ramses Barden (PUP with an ankle injury) and defensive end Justin Tuck (neck/groin) to bolster the team's roster.