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Fred Jackson and Ryan Fitzpatrick Talk Bills Loss To Giants

Buffalo Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick and running back Fred Jackson have been having career years this season leading the team to a 4-1 start. Unfortunately, they ran into the the New York Giants defense and weren't able to come away with a win Sunday in East Rutherford, N.J. 

First the reaction from Fitzpatrick, who is incredibly disappointed in coming away with a loss heading into the bye week:

Your reaction and what did you think was the difference?

"It sucks. This is one of the hardest parts about playing quarterback, when you don't get the job done and today I didn't get the job done. You know the two interceptions I threw, you couldn't ask for a better coverage, couldn't ask for a better play, couldn't ask for a better route. They were both the exact same thing with basically Stevie on a go route. I want to give credit to Corey Webster. He made plays on both of them. That being said, I feel Stevie beat him and I underthrew both of them. You know, it's hard, we got two chances to win and Stevie's on a go on both chances I would have said we'll win 100 percent of the time. And it didn't happen today and it's something I'll have to live with and work on and all that, but it's tough to look all the other guys in the face but that's what you have to do as a quarterback and a leader and you have to be able to move on from that."

You are 4-2 going into your bye. A quick analysis. You have to feel pretty good?

"I probably can’t answer that one today because I don’t feel pretty good right now. You know, a lot of it those plays, it’s just hard for me. To throw to my go-to guy, the guy I’ve hit on the same exact route 100 times and to not do it twice, that’s just hard for me."

Jackson has a contrasting opinion from his quarterback. He is disappointed in the loss but is optimistic at the team's performance headed into the off week:

Your reaction now , did you think you were going to win there?

"Yeah, definitely. We feel like we can move the ball against anybody. We had that opportunity, we just didn’t finish it. You know, give them credit. They made a play when they had to and they got the victory today."

You feel good about where you guys are after six weeks?

"Without a doubt. We feel like we are on track to be where we want to be, where we expect to be. We look at the two losses that we have as games we should have won, just didn’t finish them. But again, we are on track to be where we want to be. We still have a lot of work to do, but we are excited."