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Brandon Jacobs: Eli Manning '100 Percent Better' Quarterback Than Tony Romo

At ESPN The Magazine 'Body Issue' party in Manhattan last week, New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs told USA Today's Michael McCarthy that Eli Manning is "a 100 percent better quarterback than [Dallas Cowboys quarterback] Tony Romo."

When he asked Jacobs to compare Manning to his NFC East counterpart in Dallas, Jacobs said there's no comparison.

"He's definitely a 100% better quarterback than Tony Romo. No question," stated Jacobs.

Jacobs also feels that Manning compares well against Michael Vick, and could not resist a dig at the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback.

"Listen, him and Michael Vick are two totally different quarterbacks. Michael Vick is a running quarterback who happens to have a good arm. Who's also 1-3," said Jacobs, before Vick's Eagles lost dropping their record to 1-4. ...

"To be honest with you, I could give give a damn, or give a ----, if people respect Eli or not. As long as he keeps coming out there throwing that rock and getting us in situations where we can win games."