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Giants 10, Washington 7 At The Half

If you are a New York Giants fan, you want the season to stop right now. That is because the Giants are defeating Washington at the half, 10-7, and the Chicago Bears are ahead of the Green Bay Packers, 3-0.

If that scenario holds up for two more quarters the Giants would sneak into the final playoff spot ahead of Green Bay. If the Packers win, they are in. If both Green Bay and New York lose, Tampa Bay would be the final representative in the NFC.

The Giants scored on a 20-yard field goal by Lawrence Tynes in the first quarter. They took a 10-0 lead with 3:06 left in the half on a two-yard run by Brandon Jacobs in the second quarter, concluding a nine-play, 69-yard drive.

The Redskins got their only score with 22 seconds left in the half on a one-yard pass from Rex Grossman to Fred Davis. The play concluded an 80-yard scoring drive.

The Giants lost center Rich Seubert early in the game with a dislocated kneecap.