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Coughlin Appears Safe ... Unless

All reports indicate the New York Giants are set to maintain Tom Coughlin as their head coach in the final year of his contract. Unless the Giants are embarrassed today by the Washington Redskins.

With the Giants having suffered consecutive embarrassing losses, and being on the verge of a second straight season without making the playoffs, there has been much speculation about the 64-year-old Coughlin’s future.

The coaching carousel has already begun spinning with the announcement that John Fox, as expected, will be out in Carolina. If the Giants decide to replace Coughlin Fox, defensive coordinator in New York before taking the job as Carolina head coach, would be at the top of the list of potential
replacements. Bill Cowher has also been mentioned.

Even if Coughlin is maintained this promises to be an off-season filled with upheaval for a veteran Giants team. Several assistant coaches could be on the hot seat, and there could be a number of changes to the personnel, particularly on offense.