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Perry Fewell Shut Out As Denver Broncos Hire John Fox

It looks like the NFL head-coaching doors have closed on New York Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell, for now.

The Denver Broncos have hired former Carolina coach John Fox as their head man, meaning all four of the vacancies that Fewell had been linked to have now been filled.

Fewell had been connected to initial openings in San Francisco (Jim Harbaugh), Cleveland (Pat Shurmur), Denver (Fox) and Carolina (Ron Rivera).

The Oakland Raiders job is still open, but thus far Fewell has not been mentioned as a candidate for that position. Interestingly, offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride’s name surfaced today as a possibility in Oakland. Al Davis and the Raiders have flirted with Gilbride in previous years, so maybe that should not come as a complete shock.

As for Fewell, it would appear that his only option at this point would be to return to the Giants for a second season.