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Rivera Officially Hired In Carolina, Fewell's Options Dwindle

Perry Fewell apparently got close to getting the Carolina Panthers head coaching job, but in the end Carolina chose San Diego defensive coordinator Ron Rivera. The Panthers made that hiring official Tuesday.

It gives me comfort that he was a former player," said owner Jerry Richardson, a former Baltimore Colts receiver. “He brings an approach and resume that we believe lends itself to success for our football team and organization.”

It should also give comfort to nervous Giants fans, who did not want to see the team have to go looking for a fourth defensive coordinator in four seasons. Especially since Fewell did a good job helping the Giants defense get back on track after an awful 2009 season.

Fewell is still a candidate in Denver and in Cleveland, where he interviewed Tuesday. He is not, however, considered the leading candidate for either of those positions.

Thus, it is looking more and more like Fewell will be back as Giants defensive coordinator again in 2011.