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Ron Rivera To Carolina, Perry Fewell Might Be Shut Out

The NFL head-coaching doors are beginning to close on New York Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell, at least for 2011.

There are reports all across the Inter-Google that Ron Rivera, defensive coordinator for the San Diego Chargers, will be named Carolina head coach. First to report the news was the San Diego Union Tribune.

Fewell, who was interim head coach for seven games in Buffalo in 2009 before becoming Giants defensive coordinator for the Giants in 2010 had been contacted about four head-coaching jobs — San Francisco, Carolina, Denver and Cleveland.

San Francisco, of course, chose former Stanford head coach Jim Harbaugh. Now Carolina is expected to make their choice of Rivera official on Tuesday.

The Broncos are scheduled to interview former Carolina coach John Fox this week. The Denver Post reports that the Broncos will also be interviewing New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. The Post also says the team may wait until this round of the playoffs is completed to add a couple more candidates to their list. With all of that going on, it would be hard to believe the Broncos see Fewell as their guy.

Fewell is also scheduled for a meeting with Browns President Mike Holmgren in Cleveland this week, but Fewell does not appear to be high on Cleveland’s list. The Browns seem to be leaning toward an offensive coach, with Fritz Shurmer of the Rams and Marty Mornhinweg of the Eagles high on the list.

All of this, of course, is good news for the Giants.