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Bill Parcells Defends Tom Coughlin: 'We All Come On Rough Times'

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Bill Parcells is the latest person to come to the defense of New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin.


You're asking the wrong guy, 'cause I'm a big Tom Coughlin man," Parcells said of the Giants' current head coach. "I'm a big fan of Tom's. I know what kind of coach he is. Nobody has to tell me, I know. I'm not interested in what the naysayers or other people say about him. I think he's a good man, I think he's proved to be a sound coach over the years, he's taken the team to a championship. "Hey, we all come on rough times once in a while. But I have every confidence in Tom." Coughlin has preached to his team the things that allow you to win and the things that cause you to lose. Parcells doesn't believe the Giants have the wrong coach. Perhaps they have the wrong players. "As a coach, I never really believed penalties were my fault," he said. "I always believe that all penalties could be eliminated with concentration and good judgment. ... So you try to create a situation where the players concentrate and you try to create a situation where the players use good judgment, but you can't make them do that. They have to do that ... There's no coach teaching his team to commit penalties."

I have to agree with Parcells. Penalties and lack of concentration are on the players. The coach cannot force you to do your job.