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Tiki Barber Can't Leave Tom Coughlin Alone

Tiki Barber did not like Tom Coughlin when the former star running back played for Coughlin with the New York Giants.

Barber has taken shots at Coughlin and the Giants at times since retiring after the 2006 season, and he is at it again. This time, Tiki Blabber says TC’s job is “in jeopardy.”

“I don’t know if he’s completely lost control of the team, but it’s definitely slipping away. You saw it last week with some of the comments Antrel Rolle talked about, with leadership, and overcontrol that the coaching staff and the organization had over the players. Sometimes that affects you and carries over into the game.

“And right now Tom Coughlin is at a crisis. His job is certainly in jeopardy, particularly because of how they played last year to close out that stadium. We all know how embarrassing that was.”

There might even be some truth in what Barber is saying, but it’s hard to take his words about the Giants seriously. We know he is enjoying watching Coughlin squirm as the Giants struggle.